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Glad News: SPTC, Sichuan High-Quality Higher Learning Institute Construction Unit Approved

December 6, the Sichuan Provincial Education department issued the "Sichuan Province educational Bureau: Notice on Approval of the Sichuan High-quality Higher Vocational Colleges Construction Plan List " (Chuan Edu. Letter (2017)791). SPTC was awarded the construction unit of Sichuan high-quality higher vocational college!  

The construction plan of high quality vocational colleges in Sichuan Province is an important measure to promote the innovation and development of higher vocational education. The aim is to improve the overall quality of the higher vocational education and the comprehensive competitiveness in Sichuan province. It mainly focuses on the seven key tasks as: advancing the reform and innovation of the management system and mechanism, strengthening the construction of high-level specialties, deepening the college-enterprise cooperation in form of integrating production and teaching, building a contingent of double-qualified teachers, enhancing social service capacity, enhancing international exchange and cooperation, and promoting education information construction.  

  After the announcement of such files as Notice of Sichuan Provincial Department of Education on Printing and Distributing the Overall Implementation Action Plan (Chuan Edu.File No.204 [2016]) and the Notice of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Education on Implementing the Plan to Construct High-quality Higher Vocational Colleges in Sichuan Province (Chuan Edu.File No. 418 [2017] ), the college attached great importance to them. Promptly the principal college management acted as the major leaders in person in the workgroups to carry out the following work to win the application: firstly leading all departments to carefully study the documents, apprehend the spirit of the documents and clearly state the application requirements; secondly organizing all departments of the college to determine their respective scope and content of the application according to the status quo, esp. the striking features in the school running; thirdly organizing the corresponding staff composing, finishing the required application materials in an orderly and efficient completion process. The approval of being a high quality vocational college construction unit, symbolized not only a high degree of recognition of our college running, demonstrating that SPTC had attained another major breakthrough after the national backbone higher vocational colleges construction; but also an even higher goal in the construction and development of the college.