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The College Team Won the Collective First Prize in 2017 Sichuan Student Sports Dance Championship

In accordance with the requirements of the State Ministry of Education to further strengthen the physical education in colleges and universities to improve the overall humanistic quality of the students, Huang Quan and Shao Yong, teachers of PE teaching group of College Experiment & Training Center, instructed a team of 30 students including Zhang Shiwen, Cao Qian, Yang Weijia and Shen Lingming to compete in 2017 Sichuan Province Student Sports Dance Championship, which was sponsored by Sichuan Provincial Sports and Arts Association and Sichuan Sports for All Federation, hosted by the Chengdu Sports Bureau.  

     After intense and orderly preparation and rehearsal, the college dance team reached the finals in Chengdu University Gymnasium on November 11. With a spirit of energetic and vivacious youth, and a combination of fresh and lively choreographic elements and team dance style formation, the college team attained the team first prize through an epoch Performance, which created a new SPTC record in sports dance competitions! Congratulations to the award-winning school sports dance team players and instructors! Outstanding fellow students, welcome to join the queue for studying sports and art fitness to show the youth and vitality! It was an ideal way to realize one’s credit and dreams!