A Step by Step Guide to Buying Alkaline Water

Before you purchase any alkaline water, you need to understand how water ionizers work. These are supplicated electronic systems that alkanize water so it’s healthy and safe to drink, and because the benefits of alkaline water are well established, several ionizers have appeared in the market. They’re not built equally however, so it’s important you know exactly what you’re buying.

Alkaline Water

Where Can I Buy?

If you’re going to search for where can I buy alkaline water online, you need to spend some time assessing the manufacturer’s credentials. The longer the company has been around, the better, because it proves they are credible and have established a solid reputation.

Since these devices require considerable investment, you must be prepared to set aside time researching each one. Finding a water ionizer isn’t hard, as the real challenge is figuring out which one to buy. Here are some suggestions so you can get the most value for your money.

Primary Product Considerations

If you type “alkaline water where to buy” you’ll see a number of websites pop up, but before you click the “order” button, examine the product closely. Where is it made?  Can you verify its point of origin? This is very important because some ionizers just label their product “made in the USA” or “made in Japan” etc. without providing any proof.

Second, check the material used on the ionizer. The best ones use platinum coated titanium because it is stable and effective, essential for ionizing water. Some of the cheaper ionizers use platinum but mixed with iridium and other materials. You should avoid these at all cost because iridium in drinking water products is detrimental to your health.

Third, don’t settle for cheap ionizers because they’ll be more expensive in the long run. It is much better to spend on a good quality machine as it will last longer and not require frequent maintenance. Do make sure though that the filters last a long time and the replacements are reasonably priced.

Knowing where can you buy alkaline water is not enough as you also need to be aware of specific features to look for and avoid. Don’t buy ionizers that rely on UV light to remove bacteria. For UV light to work the surface needs to be clean, and over time these accumulate dirt or opaque. The bulbs on UV based ionizers could malfunction over time, and light performance will be affected over time. In contrast, antivirus and antibacterial filters always function at maximum levels provided they’re replaced on time.

Some water ionizers have an ORP meter built-in, but most of the meters on these devices are not accurate and they need frequent cleaning and recalibration. If the ionizer does have this feature, have it tested first for accuracy.

Personal Considerations

Before you buy alkaline water make sure you know why you’re getting one. As pointed out above, there’s no questioning the benefits that ionized water provides, but you must be aware what these are exactly so there are no unrealistic expectations.

As a potential buyer you also need to know the risks associated with tap and bottled water. Don’t buy a water ionizer because other people do so; you should buy one because the water from your tap isn’t safe to drink.

Apart from these you also need to consider the installation.

Installation Matters and Considerations

Before you purchase an ionizer, think of the quality of water your home has. Does it come from a well or is it hard? If possible, get a product demo first so you’ll see how it works. Next, you need to choose the right type of installation.

  • Countertop installation: the ionizer is hooked up to your faucet and next to the sink
  • Direct plumbing: here, the countertop is plumbed in the main water, usually close to the sink. To get ionized water you just turn a knob on the unit.
  • Undersink: the biggest advantage of this set up is there’s no clutter on your countertop with just one faucet on your sink. However this requires installation by a professional.

Ease of installation should be a priority as well, so the manufacturer has to provide a complete set of fittings. The manual needs to be clear, providing instructions on how to install the ionizer and how to use it. If the unit comes with a DVD video tutorial that’s even better, but usually a clearly written manual is enough.

Manufacturing Considerations

The manufacturer must adhere to the ISO standards, as a certification from this organization proves the company spent time and money in developing the product. If the manufacturing plant has been certified, you’re guaranteed the process meets the minimum standard set.

As a buyer you’ll also need to consider other factors like technology. All cars use an engine, but that doesn’t mean they’re built equally, and the same rule applies to ionizers. Filters are among the most important parts so be certain it has activated carbon with 1 micron filtration at the very least. All water ionizers also have an electrolysis chamber, and this is where the aforementioned platinum coated titanium comes into play. Various types of separation technology are used but ion separation is preferable.

Every ionizer has a built-in cleaning function that reverses the electrodes’ polarity. Ionizers however, differ in the manner in which the cleanup is set off. Depending on the unit, cleanup might go off during startup, after a specific time period, when a particular output is reached etc. The best ionizers have an automatic cleaning process with minimum supervision.

Ionizers also have a control panel, but again they’re not built equally. Look for those with an LCD display and voice prompts and full functionality. Ionizers with lots of dials and knobs may look sophisticated but they’re difficult to use, and the less buttons and knobs to work with, the easier it will be to use.

There are a lot of alkaline water ionizers available, but in terms of quality and dependability, the Enagic Leveluk SD501 is the best option. Using an advanced electrolysis water generator system, it provides water that’s safe to drink and comes with powerful antioxidants that destroy free radicals in your body.