The Essential Benefits of Alkaline Water

There was a time when alkaline water benefits were doubted, and not a few people said it was all a scam. However, extensive scientific research has proven that when water is subjected to proper alkalization, it neutralizes the excess acid in your bloodstream, at the same time increases energy and metabolism. More importantly, these benefits have been verified by independent clinical trials.

Benefits of Alkaline Water

Natural Antioxidants

If only a single benefit of alkaline water has to be mentioned, it should be that it has powerful antioxidant properties, and it is these that counteract the damaging effect of free radicals, which include premature aging and a weakened immune system. Because the antioxidants in water are in liquid form, your body is able to absorb them more quickly compared to those in supplements.

Aside from its anti-aging properties, alkaline strengthens your immune system so your body is less susceptible to cancer cells. The exact cause of cancer is not yet known, but there’s solid evidence to show that an alkaline approach could be effective.

Complete Body Cleansing

Poor diet, drinking polluted water and exposure to chemicals and pollutants contaminate your body.  The effect of these are not felt overnight which is why it’s easy to ignore. Over a period of several months however, your body weakens due to this buildup until full recovery becomes difficult if not impossible.

One of the major benefits of alkaline water is it cleanses your body of all these toxins. Rather than take dozens of supplements or go on crash diets, you can just drink this pure water and reap the benefits. There’s no magic formula here, but rather science: when you drink the water, powerful minerals and nutrients are scattered throughout the major organs in your body.

The minerals from the alkaline water help the body release unhealthy acids which are then flushed out of your body. Alkaline water is an effective cleaner for all organs, but it’s especially effective in colon cleansing.  As any doctor will tell you, an unhealthy colon makes you susceptible to cancer, and good alkaline water is a most effective means of removing fecal matter and other toxins in the colon.

What makes alkaline water such as an effective cleansing tool is it will remove fecal buildup even if it’s been in your system for years. This reduces your risk of cancer and poisoning, and it also makes you less vulnerable to constipation. Provided you drink the water daily, your colon system will be cleaned on a regular basis, ensuring that it’s in good working condition. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about catching colds, the flu, stomach viruses and other health conditions.

Physical Benefits of Alkaline Water

The benefits of alkaline water aren’t limited to inner body cleansing as there are physical benefits as well.  As your organs are cleansed and hydrated, your skin will be much more beautiful.  Remember, your skin is your largest organ.  Energetic alkaline water also assists in the replacement of skin tissues, ensuring your skin remains elastic and healthy.

The detoxifying properties of alkaline water also work on your skin, preventing acne from breaking out. The proper diet is essential, but it’s the alkalinity that keeps the pH balanced, allowing your skin to absorb the nutrients from those foods. Given enough time, this will lead to smoother, more youthful looking skin.

Alkaline Water Helps You Lose Weight

Although it’s not widely known, alkaline also leads to weight loss because unlike tap water, alkaline has special properties that break down fats. As noted earlier, this pure water removes fecal matter and other toxins in your body, and this alone can lead to a significant weight loss.

But alkaline is more than that since it’s also a natural appetite suppressant: drinking a glass of alkanized water leaves you feeling full without the bloating that comes when you drink ordinary water. The overall effect of all this is: a feeling of freshness and rejuvenation.

For a long time now people have had to take all kinds of supplements to shed off unwanted pounds, but now you can just drink water and lose those pounds. Of course dropping the excess fat doesn’t just make you look attractive, but it also means you will be less susceptible to illnesses that are related to being overweight.

What are Some Other Benefits of Alkaline Water?

The ionizing process which produces alkaline water results in water that taste good.  The reason why water often taste bad is simply because of all of the chemicals and toxins that can be found in it.   When water taste good, the wonderful result is that you want to drink it more of it.  One of the big reasons so many Americans struggle in drinking water is simply that they don’t like what it taste like.

In addition to removing the toxins present in tap water,  properly ionized alkaline water will lubricate your joints and muscles which is crucial in preventing injuries. For elderly folk, it means they’ll have a less difficult time dealing with arthritis and joint pain, and for the young it’s a potent defense against sprains.

Properly ionized alkaline water is much more effectively absorbed in the body than tap, bottle or well water.  Because of the increased absorption, the body becomes more hydrated.  When the body is properly hydrated,  the organs in your body, including the heart, don’t have to work as hard as before. The less work your organs have to do, the healthier you’ll be. Furthermore, cleaner organs ensure you’ll be able to use more energy to perform your daily functions.

Also, understand that the pH level is the measurement for the potential for hydrogen.  Anything less than 7 on the pH scale is acidic and anything over 7 is alkaline.  Properly ionized alkaline water has charged minerals in it.  As these charged alkaline minerals are absorbed in the body, there is less need for the body to rob calcium from the bones.  The resulting benefit is less bone loss and an increase in bone density.

Not All Alkaline Water Provides Health Benefits

There was a lot of question in the past if alkaline water could really provide health benefits.   The reason the argument is so confusing is that not all alkaline water is the same.  Water can be alkaline by simply adding sodium hydroxide (which is what most municipalities add).   Unfortunately, adding sodium hydroxide to the water supply does not provide these health benefits.

To get the health benefits, you need to be drinking energetically powerful alkaline water.   How do we get water that is alkaline but has no chemicals added to it?  You need to have a water ionizer that’s capable of properly ionizing tap water. Yes, there are a lot of water ionizers available today no doubt due to widespread awareness of the power of alkalinity. Even so they’re not made equally and some are better than others.

There are many ways to realize the benefits of alkaline water, but the best in terms of quality and dependability is the Leveluk SD501 from Enagic which produces Kangen Water. While the company has always been known for its high quality water ionizers, this is their flagship product and is capable of producing 7 kinds of water you can use in different applications.