Water Ionizer – What It Does and How It Works

A water ionizer or alkaline ionizer is a device that raises the water pH levels using ionization, the purpose of which is to remove impurities and increase health benefits. These machines first came to prominence in Japan and the Far East before gaining popularity in the United States. Today there are hundreds if not thousands of alkaline ionizers, but they all work using similar principles with key differences.

Water Ionizer

How it Works

A water ionizer is an electrical device that is linked to your kitchen’s water supply, where it performs electrolysis on tap water to alkanize it. Once the process is complete you can use the water for drinking, cleaning or cooking. On most models, an attachment reroutes water from your faucet to the ionizer. Inside the ionizer the water is filtered to remove contaminants and subsequently sent to the electrolysis chamber. In high quality units, the chamber is fitted with a platinum coated titanium electrode so full electrolysis can be performed.

The negative electrodes produce cations (positive ions) and generate reduced (cathodic) water, while the positive electrodes produce anions, oxidized (anodic) water. Via electrolysis, reduced water produces a large volume of electrons, but the H20 cluster is reduced from a large clustering of 15 to 100 water molecules to  5-6 for each cluster, a phenomenon known as micro clustering. The reduced water comes out of your faucet while the oxidized water emerges from a hose that’s heading to your sink.

What are the Health Benefits of Alkaline Ionizers?

The reason why people often want to explore what an  ionizer is on the Internet is because they are curious about the health benefits. Compared to bottled water which poses several health and environmental risks, properly ionized water is safer and doesn’t pose any health risks whatsoever. Although alkaline water is just gaining popularity in the US, it’s long been used in Japan and other Asian countries, and it’s widely accepted as a medical and health application.

Ionized water provides several benefits, and to name a few:

  • Restores pH Balance: signs of pH body imbalance include joint pain, frequent illnesses, being prone to infection and colds. Alkaline ionizers which produce properly ionized water restore your pH balance and eliminate these symptoms, and it also promotes healthier nails, hair and skin.
  • Reduces Body Acidity: the stuff you eat and drink, your clothing and environment all contribute to high acidity, weakening your immune system and making you prone to illnesses. By drinking alkaline water that is properly ionized, this will cease to be a problem.
  • A Powerful Antioxidant: properly ionized alkaline water is also a powerful antioxidant, full of electrons that keep free radicals from doing damage. Scientific research has proven that free radicals damage your cells and DNA, which speeds up the aging process. Free radicals are unbalanced molecules that can only be corrected with a sufficient number of electrons, which properly ionized alkaline water has plenty of.
  • Increases Body Hydration: everyone knows how important water is, but alkaline water that is restructured takes hydration to another level. With a high quality alkaline ionizer, water molecules get clustered in small packs. Tap water has clusters of 15  up to 100 molecules, but a quality ionizer restructures it so there’s only 5 to 6 per cluster.

Because the molecular clusters are smaller, it becomes easier for cells to absorb them, which leads to better hydration. This also helps to provide more energy as well as increasing your immune system capability as it helps the body flush out the toxins and waste in your body.

What Else Can an Alkaline Ionizer Do for Me?

The list of benefits that alkaline ionizers can provide goes beyond what has been stated above. Whereas reverse osmosis and other filtering techniques don’t distinguish between essential minerals and contaminants, ionizers do.  Not only does an ionizer keep essential minerals intact (reverse osmosis systems remove the healthy minerals along with the pollutants), but they also increase the concentration of potassium, magnesium, and calcium in water, all of which are essential for your well-being.

Ionized alkaline water increases oxygen flow to your bloodstream, improving blood circulation and ensures your organs function at optimum levels. The more oxygen your body has, the easier it is to get rid of mucus in your colon, leading to superior nutrient absorption. If you’re serious about body cleansing, then alkaline water will be indispensable.

To fully realize these benefits however, you need to use a high quality alkaline ionizer.  On the internet ionizer companies all claim to provide the same benefit.  Yet, they don’t because while they use the same basic principles, the inner workings vary. As a consumer you need to do some research before settling on a particular product.

What Should I Look for?

Now that you know what an ionizer is, you can start shopping for one online.  First of all you want to shop for value, not price.  If you let price be the driving force behind your purchase, you may not be getting the benefits you were hoping for.  When it comes to your health, do you really want to go to the cheapest doctor regardless if he or she has a reputation of not getting results.

Look to see which machine everyone compares themselves to.  You may want to ask, “Why does everyone compare themselves to Enagic?”  Maybe it is because they really are the best!

Which company has been in business the longest?  Enagic, the manufacturer for Kangen Water machines, has been in business for over 40 years, longer than any other ionizer company.

Also, they have servicing centers all over the United States.  This point is more important that most people realize.  Kangen Water machines are built to last, however, sometimes issues can come up after extended use.  Who is there to help you if you have trouble down the road?  Enagic, the manufacturer of Kangen Water machines, is there to help and support you as you continue to enjoy your machine throughout the years.  When trouble arises with most other brands, you are stuck.  Most likely your only option is to throw your machine away and buy a new one hoping this one will last longer than the first one.

There are a lot of products available, but the Leveluk SD501 water ionizer is the best in terms of features and capabilities. As the flagship model from Enagic, it can produce five types of water for drinking, food preparation and bathing among others. In addition, the unit comes with voice prompts and an LCD display.